OMJC Port-A-Mast

Our Port-a-Mast is the right solution if you need a platform for non-intrusive traffic counts or remote surveillance. It provides portability, a steady 25 foot mast, and up to 10,000 watts of battery storage. The Port-a-Mast also has a solar battery charging option. The XL option allows a 35 foot mast and twice the battery storage. The PAM from OMJC Signal is completely customizable to fit your exact needs. Give us a call to discuss all of the available options!

OMJC Stop-Bar Light

The OMJC Port-A-Mast Stop Bar Light (PAM-SBL) is just what you need to lighten up your work zone. Even in the dead of a winter’s night at the hind end of nowhere, the PAM-SBL will give you bright illumination at the stop bar without blinding the motorist. The 17 foot mast arm, raised by a hydraulic ram, positions the light over the near lane. Our special lensing doesn’t waste illumination on the ditches, but brightly lights the roadway for over 20 feet both in front of and behind the trailer. Using the standard high cut-off LED lighting fixture, the standard solar power system will keep your lights on dusk to dawn 365 days per year. Because the PAM-SBL weighs less than 2000 pounds, you can easily tow two of them in tandem utilizing the rear receiver hitch.